Australia has a total of 6.4% arable landmass, with 49 million hectares of crop production capability. It has the sixth largest arable land area of any country in the world and provides a natural climate hedge across a large geographic area. This provides investors with the opportunity to incorporate a diversity of assets within portfolio.




Australia is ideally situated to supply agricultural commodities to the growing populations and expanding wealth of South East Asia.


Australia is a federation of six states and two territories but can be divided into 3 agricultural zones:


  • High Rainfall Zone: NSW, SA, VIC, QLD, TAS

  • Wheat Belt: WA

  • Pastoral Zone: NT, WA, QLD


CFM has experience managing a diversity of assets and commodity production across Australia and internationally. Currently, CFM operations are centred around the eastern states of Queensland, NSW and Victoria, as highlighted below.




Climate: subtropical and tropical

Crop Production: 2.2 million hectares per annum, majority in the Southern and Eastern parts of the state.



  • Largest producer of sorghum and sugar.

  • Significant producer of nut crops.

  • Potential to be a major producer of pulses and cereals.




  • Australia’s largest producer and exporter of beef and the world’s largest exporter of live cattle.

New South Wales

Climate: Temperate

Crop Production: 6.7 million hectares per annum with crop production focused in the Eastern half of the state.



  • Well established irrigated agricultural sector, world leader in improving irrigation efficiencies.

  • Australia’s largest producer and exporter of chickpeas and pulses and the nation’s largest producer of rice and cotton.




  • The nation’s largest producer and exporter of mutton, lamb, pork and wool.


Climate: Semi-temperate

Crop production: 3.5 million hectares per annum.



  • Major producer of wheat, barley, pulses and canola.




  • Focused on sheep and dairy farming.

  • Australia’s largest dairy produce and export state, also a significant producer of lamb and beef.


Ranging from harsh desert flats to snowy mountain ranges, Australia has the most diverse range of climatic and geographic locations in the world.

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