Source - Australian Bureau Of Statistics 2001-14


Recent increases in agricultural commodity prices and increased global food demand means there has never been a better time to invest in agriculture.

Australia presents significant agricultural opportunities within a stable investment and regulatory environment and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for agricultural investors due to many advantages, including:



  • Strategic location and trade links; proximity to Asian economies and distance from Europe and North America.

  • Strong economy experiencing rapid growth.

  • Stable political environment and transparent legal system.

  • World-leaders in best management practice and superior regulatory frameworks that enforce Work health and safety and environmental sustainability.

  • Continuous innovation in farm machinery and cropping technologies.

  • Capital appreciation – historically proven over a significant period of time.

  • A professional farming community that represents an educated and reliable supply chain partner for international customers.

  • Internationally recognised as being free of many of the insects and agricultural diseases found in other parts of the world.

  • Diverse climate, rainfall patterns and soil types to allow for a wide range of agribusiness enterprises.

  • A skilled workforce.


With its prime agricultural land and total agricultural value now in excess of $50 billion, Austrlalia produces some of the most diverse range of agricultural comidities in the world. This ensures a number of enterprises can be undertaken in order to pursue maximum profits year on year. What is a bad year for one commidity might be a good year for another. 

Australias growth over the past 15-20 years is what is making the prime agricultural land so sought after for foreign invetsment. The products produced from the land is also extreamly well recieved on the export market with high demands for cropping and livestock coming from all across the world. With an increase in gross crop value from just over $20 Billion to almost $30 Billion and under $20 billion to almost $24 Billion for livestock its clear that Australia more than has the capabilitites to feed the worlds growing nutritional demand and growing population which is set to hit over 9 billion come 2050.  


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